Bond Projects Update

The Bond Construction Projects are getting closer to completion! Check back here every two weeks for updates on the status of the projects!

Projects Status Report
January 8, 2019

New Elementary School

  • Krueger Construction revised expected completion date from end of February to mid May. This will allow district to move into new school over the Summer and contractor to start demo and finish parking and drives for new school year in August 2019. 
  • Contractor is installing drywall on second floor and is approximately 70% complete.
  • Contractor is framing entry tower soffit and is approximately 80% complete.
  • Contractor has block filled all CMU walls and started first coat in hallways.
  • Mechanical contractor is installing ductwork at the second floor and is approximately 98% complete.
  • Contractor has installed all window frames and glass on first floor and is 65% complete on second floor.
  • Contractor scheduled to start installing tile floors in restrooms and kitchen.
  • Krueger is tape and floating drywall on first floor and is approximately 90% complete.
  • Painter to start pressure washing exterior concrete panels and masonry and will start priming within two weeks.
Existing GymGym Front EntryGym LobbyGym interiorElementary Media CenterElementary KitchenElementary Entry

Projects Status Report
January 8, 2019

New Gym Complex

  • Contractor is installing metal duct work for three HVAC units on gym and is approximately 25% complete. Units over dressing areas and lobby are complete.
  • Installation of translucent panels for gym will begin Monday..
  • Contractor has painted test colors will add flat black for additional color option.
  • Contractor is removing all construction debris in and around new gym and expected to start entry canopy next week.
  • Structure for basketball goals and center scoreboard are onsite and are approximately 40% complete.
  • Metal roof trim will begin installation next week.

Existing HS Gym Floor Replacement

  • Contractor is complete with floor subframing and new wood flooring is onsite and acclimating to gym environment.
  • Marshall is expected to start painting existing gym walls within two weeks.

Existing HS Gym Floor Replacement

  • LWA office is scheduled to punch both roofs with APISD Maintenance Director on Thursday.
  • Roofer is meeting with manufacturer Friday to get warranty
    certified and windstorm documents.

Video Rendering Flyby of New Elementary School

Video Rendering of Sports Complex Interior

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