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Public School Taxes & Current Tax Rate


Your public school taxes involve two figures:

  • Maintenance and Operations (M&O): Used to pay for salaries, utilities, furniture, supplies, food, gas, etc.
  • Interest and Sinking (I&S): Used to repay debt issued for capital improvements.
Bond elections affect the I&S tax rate.

Currently, Aransas Pass ISD’s I&S tax rate is $0.04. When combined with the district’s M&O tax rate of $1.03, the total tax rate for Aransas Pass ISD is $1.07 per $100 of certified property value.


Estimated Tax Impact 

If voters approve the bond election, the estimated maximum tax impact of this bond is anticipated to be 17 cents for a total tax rate of up to $1.244 per $100 assessed value. For the average taxable home value of $120,000 (after current $25,000 homestead exemption), this represents an increase of approximately $17.23 per month. 


Estimated Home Value After Homestead Exemption ($25,000)

Estimated      Annual Impact on APISD Tax     Payers

Estimated Monthly Impact on APISD Tax Payers























Impact on Senior Citizens' Property Taxes

School taxes for Aransas Pass ISD citizens who are age 65 or older or disabled would not be affected by the bond as long as a Homestead and Over 65 exemption application have been filed. Under state law, the dollar amount of school taxes imposed on the residence homestead of a person 65 years of age or older may not be increased above the amount paid in the first year after the person turned 65, regardless of changes in tax rate or property value, excluding the value of any new improvements, such as additions or renovations, that increase the value of such homesteads.

Contact the Aransas County, Nueces County, or San Patricio Appraisal District with questions regarding the Over 65 or disabled exemption.

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