CMES PE Making a difference

CMES P.E. Making a Difference
Posted on 03/26/2021
This is the image for the news article titled CMES P.E. Making a DifferenceIt's often the period kids look forward to most in school: gym class. As students headed back to class at Charlie Marshall Elementary School this year, physical education classes saw changes for face-to-face students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "It was very challenging; the kids have done amazing, they really have at adapting and understanding how important it is and why you have to social distance. They have done an amazing job of keeping their mask on, and we are really proud of them. This program is successful because of them," said Physical Education Teacher Kathy Castro What's the difference between a setback and an opportunity? Some would say it's all in how you look at it. Aransas Pass Elementary School PE teachers Jacob Flores and Kathy Castro saw the setback of closing schools last spring because of the pandemic as a chance to try something different. "Our mission statement is striving to make progress. So we will give great attitude, and great effort in order to make progress," said Castro. "I say adaptability is like a super power. Adaptability is what I believe one of the best things we can do as a human being, to be able to adapt to different situations. Usually, we focus a little bit more on sports activities, but now we focus more on routine. We did that last year but more this year. Monday, they know they are going to work out, and we have the tape set up so the kids know exactly where to stand to keep their distance and apart. Tuesday, they know they are going for a run. If it's beautiful weather outside, we will go for a run outside, we will go to the track, we will go around here. We will run in the gym if it is wet. Wednesday, they know they are working out. Thursday is dress for success, and they will get a presentation day, and it is either presented by me or Coach Castro. Friday, we usually do some type of leadership activity," said Physical Education Teacher Jacob Flores. Flores identifies with his students’ struggles to stay out of trouble and serves as a positive role model. "We are definitely not perfect, and we don't try to be. We will try some things and if it doesn't work, we always go back, and we will see where we are at. The main thing we can do for these kids is continue to learn because I do believe leaders continue to learn. There is another great quote that I like; it says "A great teacher becomes progressively unneeded," and that is kind of what we want here. If you saw our class, me and Coach Castro try to do as least as possible and put it in the kids' hands. If you come at the beginning of the year, we work extremely hard to set a good example and show them what we expect, and you will be surprised when you put it in the kids' hands and actually let them lead the class, and they do such a wonderful job here at this school. People say it is us, but it is really them," said Flores. His daily lessons look at mental health while working on social and emotional learning. "We focus on individual gains, on team gains. Number one, we are a team, our school is a team. We are a team, but we try to tell the kids not to compare themselves to anyone, just compare themselves to who they were last week or last year and make those gains because when we start comparing ourselves to other people, it can lead to depression, it can lead to things like that. We want our kids to be one percent better every single day. You are not going to be the biggest, you are not going to be the strongest, you are not going to be the fastest, but what you can do is try to outwork people. That is the only thing we try to focus on at this school, is outworking ourselves from who we were last week and maybe the competition we will face in the future," said Flores. "I love my job, and I love the students. I just want to try to help them, and I want to try to help them be successful, and I just love them," said Castro. Story by Roland Rodriguez, Public Relations
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