Bond Projects Update

The Bond Construction Projects are getting closer to completion! Check back here every two weeks for updates on the status of the projects!

Projects Status Report
November 6, 2018

New Elementary School

  • Krueger Construction is installing roof on the second floor and approximately is 90% complete.
  • Contractor is installing metal stud walls on the second floor and contractor is 95% complete.
  • Krueger Construction is drying in roof on the first floor and is approximately 99% complete.
  • Contractor has block filled approximately 60% of the CMU walls.
  • Mechanical contractor is installing ductwork at the second floor and is approximately 75% complete.
  • Contractor is installing glass in exterior windows on the first floor and is approximately 75% complete.
  • Most of the new building has been dried in.
  • Contractor has set 60% of the HVAC units on roof this week.
  • Roof work on existing gym has started and is 30% complete.
  • Krueger is installing drywall in student classrooms on the first floor and is approximately 80% complete.
Elementary RoofElementary View from Computer LabElementary LobbyElementary Main EntryView of Gymnasium Facing Home BleachersView of Gym Lobby and ConcessionsGymnasium ExteriorView of Dressing Room

Projects Status Report
November 13, 2018

New Gym Complex

  • Contractor is finishing exterior masonry on West side of building (main entry)
  • Contractor has completed majority of high roof and will be working on lower room and wall damp proofing this week.
  • Contractor has scheduled installation of AC units on high roof for next week.
  • Installation of translucent panels for gym will begin after Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Interior colors and graphics have been finalized and this information will be sent and coordinated with Marshall.
  • A schedule for damaged gym floor replacement has been coordinated with Marshall and everyone is on schedule.
  • Interior metal studs have been installed and are ready for sheathing, so windows along lobby can be measured and ordered.
  • Changes to dressing room have been sent to contractor. 

November 6, 2018

Roof Replacement at High School and Kieberger Elementary

  • QA Roofing is working on remaining HS roof and is approximately 95% complete.They are doing trim work on roof and starting gutters and downspouts.
  • QA is working on Kieberger Elementary and is complete with general roof replacement and is 95% complete working on trim, gutters and downspouts.

Video Rendering Flyby of New Elementary School

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